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If only the human being stopped…
If only the world stopped for a while to listen…

It would understand that there is always a world living on its own. As ongoing loop, it is perfectly tuned. It is the sound of the earth.
Relying on the art of Sound Design we like focusing on those sound which can be barely perceived, on particular and original tones, keeping the sound in its original condition through natural modulations and dynamics.

By using contact microphones, portable recorders, hand made tools and software we realized the huge quantity of stuff we have at our disposal.
Sound and music can be endlessly mixed, they do not abide by any rule. Sound Design is the combination of both of them.

Soluxion Lab takes up all the challenges, we are in love with any kind of artistic contamination between sound and images, natural and artificial sounds, with any idea which expresses art, originality and emotions.

Soundtracks for media, theater, cinema and all what you have in mind…



MaxMsp support, Projects collaboration:

SIMS aka Simone Longo

Video Projects in collaboration:
D!D!F aka Davide di Franco

 Sound Design in collaboration:


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